South Florida State College (SFSC) is offering a nine-hour class on using computer-aided design and 3-D printing to create custom products—and it’s free.

 “Introduction to CAD and 3-D Printing” will meet on Oct. 8, 10 and 22 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Center for Advanced Technology at the SFSC Highlands Campus. The class will show how you can use Autodesk Inventor to create basic 3-D models, convert those models to 3-D printer files using MakerBot Print software, and combine models to form assemblies.

Autodesk Inventor is industry-standard software used for creating three-dimensional prototypes and their mechanical specifications in a digital format. MakerBot Print is free software that optimizes and streamlines the 3-D printing process.

Register for the class by calling 863-784-7238. Space is limited to 24 participants.

SFSC also offers training programs in engineering technology, mechatronics, automation, computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinist/fabricator, lean manufacturing and pneumatics, hydraulics, and motors for manufacturing. To learn more, call 863-784-7401.