AVON PARK, Fla. – July 2, 2019 – A $2,280 grant from Suncoast Credit Union has been awarded to the South Florida State College (SFSC) Hardee Campus in Bowling Green, Fla. to benefit economically disadvantaged students in earning their high school diploma through the College’s Adult Basic Education (ABE)/General Education Development (GED) program.

The grant comes from Suncoast Credit Union Foundation, which promotes the education, health, and emotional well-being of children in its communities. Since its inception in 1990, the Suncoast Credit Union Foundation has raised and donated over $19 million to provide a better future for children.

The Suncoast Credit Union grant will provide students in SFSC’s ABE/GED program who successfully study and prepare for their high school diploma equivalency test with the funding for the actual pre-GED tests, the GED Ready, and the actual GED exams. This funding will allow those without financial resources a second chance for the diploma, impacting the students and their families economically. A diploma will open up better options in the workforce and give them an opportunity to continue their education.

“Many of our GED students face challenges in earning their diploma,” said Dr. Teresa Crawford, director of SFSC’s Hardee Campus. “Barriers can include childcare issues, transportation issues, family situations, and financial barriers. It is our hope that through this grant we can alleviate the financial barriers that many of our students face in paying for their pre-GEDs, GEDs, and caps and gowns to participate in graduation. We believe that in providing the financial resources for these initiatives, we can assist students who otherwise may be unable to complete our program and move toward gaining technical training, career opportunities, or furthering their education through SFSC’s degree programs.”

For more information about SFSC’s ABE/GED program, contact the Adult Education Department at 863-784-7441 or 863-784-7473.