AVON PARK, Fla.–Oct. 14, 2015–South Florida State College invites first through ninth-grade students on a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics adventure, STEMQuest. Students will explore the world of rare habitats, computer game development, and computer-based graphics in three science-packed classes on Saturday, Oct. 24, 9 a.m. – noon, on SFSC’s Highlands Campus.

Through fun activities and problem-solving challenges, students learn how to use science and math to discover the world around them, while gaining insight into career opportunities. Science, math, and computer science instructors teach all classes.

For first through third-graders, SFSC offers “Florida’s Big Backyard,” a three-hour outdoor exploration of Highlands County’s scrub habitat, one the state’s rarest natural environments. Students will learn about rare plants, practice observation skills, and act out animal behavior. Participants receive a Florida scrub coloring book.

For students in grades four through six, SFSC offers “Custom Gaming!” This classroom adventure is ideal for kids who have thought about creating their own computer game. This class will show students the mathematics programmers use to develop computer games.

Students in grades seven through nine will tap into their creative talents with “Computer Graphics,” an introduction to the cloud-based graphics application SUMO. Students will learn to create their own artwork by combining images, enhancing photos, learning basic graphic techniques, and more.

The cost is $20 for each student. For more information, contact Dr. Kimberly Batty-Herbert, at 863-784-7329 or email battyhek@southflorida.edu.