AVON PARK, Fla. – March 6, 2017 – On March 4, SFSC inducted 67 students into its Tau Epsilon chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society in an evening ceremony.

With families, fellow students, and college administrators looking on, the students recited in unison an oath of membership, joining the honor society that recognizes distinguished academic achievement by students in two-year academic programs.

Joan Davies, an SFSC speech and communication instructor, served as the guest speaker.

“This induction ceremony is a big deal for all you,” Davies said. “I know because I myself once sat were you’re sitting now.”

Then, taking a quotation from Martin Luther King Jr. as the theme of her remarks, Davies encouraged the inductees to dwell upon an important trait she said was essential to the scholarly life: character.

“Anyone can take college course,” Davies said. “But it takes commitment, it takes engagement, it takes attentiveness, it takes character to be a scholar.”

As the ceremony drew to a close, the inductees stepped forward to a candlelit table upon which lay the honor society’s membership book. One by one, they affixed their signatures in the book, recording their status as scholars of distinction at SFSC. With the auditorium lights dimmed, the scholars helped each other light a candle signifying their fellowship in the society.

The PTK inductees were: Ray Aguilar Espidol, Sarah Alfaro, Ahlam Alqabsi, Eric Andrews, Kaylin Baker, Magali Barcenas, Michaela Beard, Allison Beck, Sarah Bonds, Christine Boone, Dolores Breedlove, Hunter Browning, Eliany Cabrera, Alina Cancel, Anabel Cardenas, Esteban Carranza, Jesenia Cortes, Irving Cruz, Mathew Daniel, Taylor Day, Jackeline Dela Cruz, Ofelia Diaz Brito, Felise Ehrenkaufer, Anna Erekson, Kellie Farmer, Valerie Fleeger, Emily Flores, Wilney Francois, Roger Frazier III, Caleah Gammage, Jamicia Gilmore, Maria Gonzalez, Malik Graham, Janet Guido, Kayli Harrison, Danielle Hart, Francis Hendry, Brittany Hobart, Stacy Hobby, Kylee Huylebroeck, Jhana Leighton, Jason James, Ethan Lawrence, Samantha Lenz, Harry Lindsay, Samantha Lusby, Maribel Marcial, Kristina Mendoza, George Gomez Perez, Rosario Piedad-Camacho, Denise Porter, Aubrey Rigney, Diana Rivera, Bryan Robbins, Yesenia Santos, James Sheridan, Frances Spradley, Danny Sustaita, Kailey Swaine, Genesis Torres, Hannah Tucker, Pagou Vue, Audra Weeks, Alyssa Whittington, Kelly Yarbrough, Katherine Yeager, and Erika Weaver-Coleman.