AVON PARK, Fla.–March 7, 2016–The South Florida State College Foundation held its seventh annual Panther 5K Run/Walk on March 5, attracting 95 runners and walkers to the South Florida State College (SFSC) Highlands Campus in Avon Park. The $3,725 in proceeds will benefit SFSC’s Athletics programs.

Dylan Branch wins the seventh annual SFSC Panther 5K Run/Walk

Dylan Branch wins the seventh annual SFSC Panther 5K Run/Walk

“What makes this event so special is that the runners are able to interact with our student athletes and get to know those who are impacted by the success of this event,” said Jamie Bateman, executive director of institutional advancement, SFSC Foundation. “We are thankful to all our sponsors and participants who came out on Saturday for our seventh annual Panther 5K Run/Walk.”

The 5K attracted runners and walkers, ages 8 through 86; children in strollers, pushed around the course by moms and dads; and canine companions and their owners. SFSC’s mascot Pete the Panther greeted 5K participants and encouraged tired runners as they approached the finish line.

This year’s Panther 5K Run/Walk was won by 14-year-old Dylan Branch, who navigated the race in 17 minutes, 4 seconds. Branch was also the winner of last year’s Panther 5K. The overall women’s winner was 16-year-old Savannah Oldfield with a time of 22 minutes, 41.3 seconds. Male and female Master winners were Jayson Bass, 17:37.0, and Angie Dinchik, 24:47.3. Grand Master winners were Chuck Best, 21:04.2, and Valerie Lee, 32:50.5.

Finalists by age division are as follows:

Women’s Division Finalists 

Age 8 and Under: first, Jordan McDaniel, 41:51.6

Age 9-11:  first, Abby Peacock, 29:14.9; second, Hana Piety, 42:40.1; third, Gracyn Thomas, 43:17.1

Age 12-14: first, Vedi Persad, 30:23.6; second, Sara Piety, 47:31.3; third, Angela Eaton, 51:32.6

Age 20-24: first, Lindsey Leitzel, 48:00.0; second, Heather Oyola, 48:13.8; third, Patricia Quinn, 50:58.7; fourth, Katherine Oyola, 51:35.1

Age 25-29: first, Tabitha Swartz, 30:52.5

Age 30-34: first, Latosha Harnage, 30:54.8; second, Teresa Mendoza, 34:13.4; third, Mary von Merveldt, 42:53.9; fourth, Desiree Vincent, 44:32.5

Age 35-39: first, Laura Andrews, 29:03.0; second, Melissa Hernandez, 30:29.8; third, Tara Huften, 39:06.2; fourth, Ketus Thomas, 45:18.7; fifth, Laura Simmons, 51.40.9

Age 40-44: first, Leslie Mahoney, 25:46.1; second, Theresa Juliano, 26:14.4; third, Sharla Elliot, 27:18.3; fourth, Sandy Meeks, 29:19.1; fifth, Niki Gregor, 33:10.2; sixth, Mary Beth Przychocki, 36:42.3

Age 45-49: first, Edsel Kromholz, 32:02.7; second, Cyndi Dassinger, 38:43.1; third, Kathy Collier, 52:55.2

Age 50-54: first, Jennifer Glassburn, 25:04.9; second, Lisa Foster, 25:42.8; third, Maria Sutherland, 30:39.4; fourth, Elaine Daff, 31:56.3; fifth, Andrea Stidham, 37:20.2; sixth, Lisa Jarrett, 46:26.7; Lena Phelps, 52:46.5

Age 55-59: first, Denise Grimsley, 33:21.5; second, Brenda Johnston, 36:16.4; third, Gerilyn Brannan, 36.26.3; fourth, Pamela Gentry, 44:18.8; fifth, Nancy Leitzel, 48:02.0; sixth, Cathy Lewis, 48:39.2; seventh, Cindy Rose, 51:39.1

Age 60-64: first, Ann Frakes, 34:58.2; second, Bonnie Potter, 37:59.7; third, Pat Engelhardt, 48:09.4; fourth, Dawn Pisarski, 51:56.7

Age 65-69: first, Deborah Fuschetti, 34:17.0; second, Gaylin Thomas, 47:32.3

Age 75-79: first, Lois Hotchkiss, 35:00.0; second, Audrey Smith, 41:31.3

Men’s Division Finalists

8 and under: first, Diego Mendoza, 25:26.0; second, Xavier Swartz, 27:14.1; third, Rylan Thomas, 33:45.1; fourth Anden Thomas, 36:37.1; fifth, Ryder Thomas, 38:52.5; sixth, Garrett von Merveldt, 40:04.0; seventh, Nicholas Lynch, 41:23.5

Age 9-11: first, Connor McDaniel, 23:02.3; second, Austin Ulm, 26:57.9; third, Daniel Lynch, 29:12.0

Age 12-14: first, Matthew Andrews, 22:36.1; second, Adam Eaton, 51:43.9

Age 15-19: first, Damian Foster, 18:10.9

Age 25-29: first, Matthew Schult, 19:21.0; second, Charley Wright, 35:44.6; third, Sid Jarrett, 45:52.4

Age 30-34: first, Jeremy Vincent, 23:56.0; second, Josh Rodriguez, 24:15.5

Age 35-39: first, John, McDaniel, 19:45.9; second, Jason True, 24:10.5; third, Antonio Vasquez, 24:45.8; fourth, Mike Huften, 39:06.2

Age 40-44: first, Shannon Peacock, 29:15.3; second, John Collier, 33:27.5

Age 45-49: first, Lynn Phelps, 52:46.5

Age 50-54: first, Michael Austin, 35:28.4; second, Roger Rhodes, 43:31.2; third, Lee Phelps, 52:48.3

Age 55-59: first, Randy Grice, 22:06.1; second, Bill Jarrett, 25:43.6; third, Darrell Jensen, 25:48.6; fourth, Randall Wilkins, 29:10.6; fifth, Raymond Hancock, 33:21.1; sixth, Edwin Gerardo Serrano, 38:29.7; seventh, Tom Leitzel, 48:01.0

Age 60-64: first James Hawker, 24:06.3; second, Joe Wright, 24:30.1; third, Randy Severn, 26:10.4

Age 65-69: first, Michael Stewart, 23:53.7; second, Charlie Potter, 28:07.6

Age 70-74: first, Roderick Matthews, 27:45.8; second, Clifford Ables, 35:11.1

Age 75-79: first, Harold Smith, 46:55.8

Age 80 and over: first, Kenneth Filppula, 47:42.3

The SFSC Panther 5K Run/Walk was sponsored by the Jarrett Family Foundation, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union, Highlands Today, Senator Denise Grimsley, Florida Hospital Heartland, Joe Wright, Wauchula State Bank, Central Security and Electronics, David and Michelle Leidel, The Bike Shop, Tami Cullens, Alan Jay Automotive, and the SFSC Chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC).