It's Possible to Afford CollegeJuly 2, 2024 – South Florida State College (SFSC) created and launched a new enrollment marketing campaign that focuses on the needs and concerns of its students and prospective students. The new campaign features the many faces and programs at SFSC, and its tagline is: It’s Possible.

The campaign focuses on the understanding that students have worries and preconceived ideas about college that lead to the hesitation to enroll or pursue their personal or professional goals. At SFSC, we want to dispel these myths and let prospective students know that there are options for them.

“At SFSC, we work to serve our tri-county region, its residents, and the unique and significant challenges they face every day,” said Melissa Kuehnle, director of institutional communications at SFSC. “I am proud to announce our new marketing campaign that puts the needs of our students at its heart. This campaign respects and understands the obstacles that our students face but lets them know that we are here to support them and offer them the resources and education that they need to build a successful and prosperous future. We want our students to feel seen, heard, and valued as members of the SFSC family.”

In the coming months, print, outdoor, digital, and social media advertising will appear on platforms throughout DeSoto, Hardee, and Highlands counties to project the message that an individual’s goals, dreams, and opportunities are possible. Through its academic programs, student services, and employment training, SFSC offers answers and comfort where prospective students only see questions and confusion.

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