Veronica Molina (center) with Jamie Bateman, executive director of institutional advancement, and Jerry Donna, director of financial aid

Veronica Molina, a Hardee Senior High School graduate and first-generation-in-college student at South Florida State College (SFSC), has been awarded a scholarship that will cover up to 60 credit hours of college tuition through the First Generation Scholarship Program. 

The First Generation Scholarship Program supports the efforts of higher education through scholarship funding for first generation students who aspire to attend a Florida college or university. A student is considered “first generation” if neither of the student’s parents earned a college degree at the baccalaureate level or higher. This scholarship was made available through a partnership between the SFSC Foundation, Inc. and the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. 

“It’s with extreme excitement that we announce Veronica Molina as the recipient of our First Generation Scholarship,” said Jamie Bateman, executive director of institutional advancement at SFSC. “This is the first time the SFSC Foundation was able to award a full two-year tuition scholarship for a deserving student. We are grateful to our donors who support our College. It’s because of them, we’re able to match funds when they are offered by the state and grant students like Veronica the chance to make her dreams come true.” 

Molina’s ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist. She plans to attend SFSC to complete pre-requisites and, eventually, transfer to Polk State College for the physical therapy program. The child of migrant workers, Molina began working in the fields after school and on weekends at a young age.  

“Working in labor motivated me to continue my educational goals toward a better life,” she said. “I choose to follow this career goal because I am a compassionate person, and I enjoy helping others. In fact, becoming a physical therapist will allow me to assist those who are injured and help them recover.” 

For more information about scholarship opportunities at SFSC, call 863-784-7134 or email