(From left) Dr. Thomas Leitzel, SFSC president; Dr. Timothy Wise, dean of student services; Emma Rustenberghe; and Tami Cullens, chair, SFSC Board of Trustees

Each year, one student is presented with the Joseph E. Johnston/Bette L. McDearman award for outstanding participation and service to student-related activities at SFSC. This year’s recipient is Emma Rustenberghe, a student athlete, leader and person of integrity.

In his presentation at the April SFSC District Board of Trustees meeting, Dr. Timothy Wise, dean of student services, said, “She has been a leader since the day she first set foot on campus. She excelled in volleyball as well as in the classroom.” In fact, Rustenberghe was elected president of the Student Government Association (SGA) in her freshman year at SFSC.

“Her interactions with her peers and with College staff are exemplary,” Dr. Wise said. “She always takes the time to listen to all and help everyone she can. She is selfless in giving compliments and encouragement to those who could use it.”

Rustenberghe graduates from SFSC in May, earning her Associate in Arts degree.

The Joseph E. Johnston/Bette L. McDearman award was established in 1987 by the SGA to recognize its support for student activities at SFSC. Students, faculty and staff at SFSC submit nominations for this award to the dean of student services.