AVON PARK, Fla. – April 13, 2018 – SFSC students were honored for academic excellence and community service during the college’s Friday, April 13 Annual Student Awards Ceremony on the SFSC Highlands Campus in Avon Park. Each year, faculty honor students who exhibit talent and exemplary quality that go beyond academic standards.

SFSC student Erika Weaver-Coleman was honored with the Joseph E. Johnston/Bette L. McDearman Student Services Award for exhibiting great ethics and character, exceptional academic achievement, outstanding involvement in professional, social, and cultural activities and programs, and for her contribution to the college and community.

Members of the SFSC Student Government Association (SGA) presented 2017-18 Faculty of the Year awards to Dr. Christopher McConnell, arts and sciences, full time; James Houseknecht, arts and sciences, adjunct; Susan Taecker, applied sciences, full time; Larry Taylor, applied sciences, adjunct; Dr. Deborah Milliken, health sciences, full time; and Melody Reeder, health sciences, adjunct.

Students who received special honors for participation in the following academic programs are:

Misael Menendez                        Air Conditioning Technology

Rachel Boyd                                 American Government

Madeline Charles                        Anatomy and Physiology II

Danielle Chastain                        Anatomy and Physiology II

Erik Skinner                                 Computer Programming

Justin Jones                                 Freshman English I

Kevin Webb                                  Freshman English I

Erik Arocho                                  Freshman English II

Ethan Lawrence                           Freshman English II

Kylee Huylebroeck                      General Biology I

Shaylin Alley                                 General Biology I

Kristal Shands                              General Biology II

Anabel Cardenas                          Humanities Survey II

Sarah Moretto                              Introduction to Biology

Rachel Boyd                                  Introduction to Biology

Brittiny Haralson                         Introduction to Literature

Janelle Dessources                      Introduction to the Humanities

Emma Rustenberghe                  Psychology

Marissa Baldwin                          Radiography

Leticia Gracia-Hernandez         Selected Topics in Biology

Dusti Conners                             Selected Topics in Biology

Amy Lambert                              Commercial Driving

Honors Program

Zachary Geitner                         May 2018 Honors Program Graduate

Leticia Gracia-Hernandez       May 2018 Honors Program Graduate

Rodrigo Gracia-Hernandez     May 2018 Honors Program Graduate

Michael Grey                              May 2018 Honors Program Graduate

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Austin Beck                                PTK All-Florida Academic Team Award

Anthony Burnett                       PTK All-Florida Academic Team Award

Zachary Geitner                        PTK All-Florida Academic Team Award

Danny Sustaita                         PTK All-Florida Academic Team Award

Erika Weaver-Coleman          PTK All-Florida Academic Team Award

Kevin Webb                              PTK All-Florida Academic Team Award

Jasmine Barajas                       PTK Enhanced Membership

Austin Beck                               PTK Enhanced Membership

Rachel Boyd                              PTK Enhanced Membership

Anthony Burnett                      PTK Enhanced Membership

Hayden Polsten                        PTK Enhanced Membership

Danny Sustaita                         PTK Enhanced Membership

Erika Weaver-Coleman          PTK Enhanced Membership

Kevin Web                                 PTK Enhanced Membership

Brain Bowl

Mathew Daniel                         Brain Bowl Academic Team (Captain), Most Valuable Player

Rubi Barajas                             Brain Bowl Academic Team

Emily Beard                              Brain Bowl Academic Team

Carolina Bowden                     Brain Bowl Academic Team

Joshua Clayton                        Brain Bowl Academic Team

Mathew Daniel                        Brain Bowl Academic Team

Juan Perez                                Brain Bowl Academic Team

Brandon Brignoni                   Brain Bowl Academic Team

Joshua Gurll                            Brain Bowl Academic Team

Brian Simpson                        Brain Bowl Academic Team