Guided by its vision to “transform lives by empowering individuals to maximize their potential as competent and compassionate health care practitioners,” SFSC’s nursing faculty developed The Seven C’s of Caring. This defines the characteristics all professional nurses possess, thereby fulfilling the Nursing Department’s mission of “preparing students to become qualified nurses continuously striving to provide excellent educational programs to meet the individual needs of the student and the health care needs of the community.”

  1. Competence: The student demonstrates competence through the delivery of safe nursing care that is based on sound judgment, current evidence, and the use of up-to-date technology.
  2. Compassion: The student shows compassion through advocacy and respect for the values, needs, and preferences of individual clients and families.
  3. Confidence: The student develops confidence through inquiry, interdisciplinary collaboration, and clinical reasoning in simulated learning environments and varied health care practice settings to ensure the provision of quality nursing care.
  4. Conscience: The student applies legal and ethical principles based on professional nursing standards while recognizing personal limitations, exhibiting integrity, and valuing the contributions of others.
  5. Commitment: The student demonstrates commitment to excellence through professionalism, leadership, ownership of one’s practice, and dedication to lifelong learning.
  6. Communication: The student uses effective forms of communication including networking strategies and informatics to continuously improve the quality and safety of nursing care for clients, families, and communities.
  7. Culture: The student integrates culturally sensitive and competent nursing care through a holistic approach that is client-centered and practiced within the context of family and community.