The District Board of Trustees of South Florida State College, Florida, hereinafter referred to as ‘College’, is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to provide a mobile welding trailer that will be used as a live welding training lab to provide students real world training.  The lab will be housed in a large trailer with live-welding units to train all welding processes (stick, MIG, and TIG) with 8 welding work stations.  The college will separately procure and install all the welding equipment.  The lab will continuously travel throughout the tri-county region (Highlands, DeSoto and Hardee Counties), as needed and can be stand alone with a diesel generator or with shore power connectivity for extended durations.      

Additional information on the welding program can be found at:

RFP 18-02 Mobile Welding Lab
Attachment A – General Background Info – Authorized Signatory
Attachment B – Price Proposal
Attachment B – Price Proposal Addended
Attachment C – Litigation
Attachment D – Addenda Acknowledgment
Attachment E_E-Verify Attestation Form
Attachment F – Trailer Overview
Attachment G – Compressor Electrical Drawing
Attachment H – Welding Booth Section
Attachment I – Rear Section
Attachment J – Road Side Passenger
Attachment K – Weld Booth Rear Wall
Attachment L – Gas Manifold System
Addendum #1 ITB 18-02 Attachment B