BSN Degree Map

Fall Term
NUR3080 Dimensions of Baccalaureate Nursing Practice 3 Credits
NUR 3065C Health Assessment, Wellness, and Prevention 3 Credits
NUR3169 Inquiry and Evidence in Nursing Practice 3 Credits
STA2023 Elementary Statistics or (if already have taken will also need MAC1105) 3 Credits
  Total Credits This Section =  12 Credits
Spring Term
NUR3125 Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice 3 Credits
NUR3289 Foundations of Gerontology 3 Credits
NUR4178 Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Healthcare 3 Credits
CHM1020 Introduction to General Chemistry (G.E.) 3 Credits
   Total Credits This Section =   12 Credits
Fall Term
 NUR3145 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice 3 Credits
 NUR4827C Foundations of Nursing Healthcare Leadership and Management 3 Credits
 NUR4636C Community Health Nursing 3 Credits
 ENC1102 Freshman English II  3 Credits
   Total Credits This Section =   12 Credits
Spring Term
 NUR4945C Nursing Capstone 3 Credits
 SPC2608 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (G.E.) 3 Credits
  Humanities Elective (G.E.) 3 Credits
Nursing Electives (Choose One)
 MAN3301 Human Resource Management (Leadership and Management Specialty Focus) 3 Credits
 NUR4257 Advanced Nursing Care Concepts (Critical Care Specialty Focus) 3 Credits
   Total Credits This Section =   12 Credits
   Total Credits =   48 Credits

*Depending on which college-level math course is included in the associate degree. You will need both courses for degree completion. You must also complete MAC1105 College Algebra or higher and demonstrate language.