Financial Aid as an SFSC Outgoing Transient Student

As a transient student in order for the SFSC Financial Aid Office to determine your financial aid eligibility complete the following:

  • Submit a Fee Invoice (detailed receipt) and Class Schedule to the South Florida State College Financial Aid Office from the host institution

A Florida public institution that participates in FloridaShines:

  • Complete a FloridaShines application through
  • Select “Yes” on the following transient application questions from FloridaShines:
    1. “Have you been approved to receive financial aid (which includes Bring Futures and scholarships), and do you intend to use it for the requested courses?”
    2. “Do you want to proceed with the Transient Student Admission Application is you or any of the requested courses are not approved for financial aid?”

If the home institution does not participate in FloridaShines:

  • Complete all required registration forms
  • Complete a SFSC Consortium Agreement, which can be obtained from the SFSC Financial Aid Office, and submit to the South Florida State College Financial Aid Office along with required documents

To review the Registrar’s requirements for transient students, please visit the Transient Student application page.

Student Responsibilities

A student is responsible for:

  • Determining which institution is their host institution and which will be their home institution. As the home institution, SFSC will determine eligibility and authorize financial aid to the student.
  • Payment for tuition and fees at the host institution by the deadline of the host institution.
  • Repayment of financial aid to one institution if receiving financial aid at two institutions at the same time.
  • Repayment of financial aid if the student withdrawals from a transient course as transient students are subject to the same registration (add/drop/withdrawal) and academic standing policies.

If the transient process is already completed, if eligible SFSC will authorize financial aid on the student’s account after the drop/add period of the enrolled transient course. If the student has not completed the transient process by the drop/add period of the transient course financial aid will not be authorized on the account until it is completed.