Finish your Associate in Arts degree at SFSC through Reverse Transfer!


Credits from your current institution may count toward the requirements of an Associate in Arts degree at South Florida State College. 

Reasons to finish your degree:A female student and a male student holding a model.

  • Higher salary
  • Improved experience
  • Promotion in your current job
  • Check it off your list of goals
  • Pursue a bachelor’s degree

You can participate in a reverse transfer if you:

  • Are currently enrolled at a university
  • Earned at least 30 credits at SFSC
  • Transferred from SFSC without earning an AA
  • Have not earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Are in a good academic standing
  • Completed the civic literacy requirement (F.S. 1007.25(4))
  • Completed the foreign language requirement (F.S. 1007.25(8))