What is a Transient Student? 

Students who are enrolled in one state college or university (home institution), but take a course at another state college or university (host institution) are called transient students.

Becoming an Transient Student

Students can mix and match courses from across the state as long as they fulfill state, institution, and program requirements. If you are enrolled in a state college or university, you can request approval to take a course at another state college or university. You will either be an incoming transient student or outgoing SFSC transient student and can take the following steps to complete the application process.

Incoming Transient Students to SFSC

As an incoming transient student, SFSC will be your host school. View the Class Schedules to see if SFSC offers a class that you need. If coming from a Florida public institution complete a FloridaShines application.

(Note: Some occupational programs have additional admission requirements. Visit the program’s webpage or contact the program director or an adviser for the complete steps to admission.)

Outgoing SFSC Transient Students

As an outgoing transient student SFSC will be your home school. If going to a Florida public institution students must complete a FloridaShines application or if the student’s home institution does not participate in FloridaShines, have an approved Transient Form and the required Financial Aid forms on file. The Transient Form approves courses to be taken at the host institution and must be approved by Advising and Counseling, the Registrar’s Office, and Financial Aid.

To review the Financial Aid Office requirements for outgoing transient students please visit the Transient Student financial aid page.

Student Responsibilities

A student is responsible for:

  • Communicating with their academic/college advisor about coursework taken at the host institution
  • Following the same registration (add/drop/withdrawal) and academic standing policies that apply to degree-seeking students
  • Following all institutional and course deadlines of the host institution when applying and/or being accepted as a transient student
  • Ensuring all transcripts from the host institution are sent to SFSC

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