SUBJECT:  Highlands Campus Incident Update

Dear SFSC Students,

Your safety is of vital importance to me and to every member of our college family.

Yesterday, November 28, there was an incident on the Highlands Campus that resulted in the arrest of two individuals.  The incident began as a verbal altercation between a student and a visitor, prompting a call to Campus Security.  Highlands County Sheriff’s Office College Resource Deputy Lehman responded immediately.  Upon assessing the situation, Deputy Lehman called for backup after learning a weapon was displayed by the visitor.  Within minutes, Sheriff’s deputies converged on the scene and assumed control of the situation.  Minutes following, this individual was located and apprehended.  The discarded weapon was found within yards of the apprehended suspect, thereby eliminating any immediate concern.  The weapon was initially obtained by the visitor from a student who concealed it in her purse.  This student was subsequently arrested for possession of a firearm on a college campus.

Given the partnership with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, the College relies on the direction of the Sheriff to provide information updates.  Once the Sheriff’s Office fully resolved the incident, the College notified the campus community.  A text message was sent to all college subscribers to inform them of the situation.  Had there been an active threat, the text alert system would have been activated immediately.

We are grateful for the rapid intervention by the members of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office. 

Please know that Florida statutes prohibit individuals from possessing firearms on any college campus or site.  Should you become aware of a concern for personal safety, contact Campus Security at  863-453-0806 or dial 911 for emergencies.


Thomas Leitzel, Ph.D.