Hardee County Community Services

South Florida State College Hardee Campus, 863-773-3081

Organization Name Services Contact Name Contact Number
Farmworker Career Development Program   Minerva Ortiz 863-784-7035
Hannah House Homeless Shelter – women and children only   863-773-5717
Hardee Help Food/Grocery Resources   863-773-0034
Heartland Coalition for the Homeless Homeless Documentation – high school students and
adult students
Heartland for Children Foster Care/Adoption Tracy 863-519-8900, ext. 232
Panther Youth Partners   Isaac Maldonado 863-784-7068
Vocational and Rehabilitative Services Services for students with disabilities Jamie Bringman 863-386-6078
Hardee County Veteran’s Services Veteran’s Services   863-773-9853

Click for a list of resources available to all SFSC Students. The list includes Pete’s Panther Pantry, the Tutoring and Learning Center, and more.