DeSoto County Community Services

South Florida State College DeSoto Campus, 863-993-1757

Organization Name Services Contact Name Contact Number
Charlotte Behavioral Health Behavioral Health   941-639-8300
Community Care Family Counsel Behavioral Health   863-494-1242
Psychiatric Services Behavioral Health  


Crisis Unit: 941-782-4600

Recovery Center: 941-347-6444

Toll-free: 877-703-5267

Tidewell Hospice Behavioral Health   855-843-3935
Health Department COVID-19, Dental, Environmental Health, Primary Care  

Baldwin – 863-993-4601

Oak Primary Care – 863-491-7580

DeSoto County Public Library Education   863-993-4851
DeSoto County Schools Education   863-494-4222
Family Service Center Education   863-993-1333
All Faiths Food Bank Food   941-379-6333
United Way Suncoast Food, Social Services   211
Cares for Homeless Services Homeless Services   863-491-9333
CareerSource Heartland Homeless Services, Career Services   863-993-1008
Farmworker Career Development Program Career Services Minerva Ortiz 863-784-7035
Labor Solutions Homeless Services, Career Services   863-494-0400
Arcadia Housing Authority Housing   863-494-4343
Habitat for Humanity Housing   863-494-4118
Eckerds Pharmacy Medication   863-485-4150
The Apothecary at DeSoto Memorial Medication   863-993-7676
Dart Public Transportation   800-694-6566
Heartland Rides Community Transportation Public Transportation   800-260-0139
Benefits Checkup Senior Services   863-794-6559
Senior Friendship Center Senior Services   863-494-5965
Catholic Charities Social Services   863-494-1068
The Florida Center for Early Childhood Healthy Families Social Services   863-491-9832
DeSoto County Social Services Social Services   863-993-4858
Hope Florida Social Services   850-300-HOPE
Salvation Army Social Services   863-491-0455
SPARCC Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center Social Services  


Helpline: 877-365-1976

DeSoto County Veterans Services Veterans Services  


4H Clubs Youth Services   863-993-4846

Click for a list of resources available to all SFSC Students. The list includes Pete’s Panther Pantry, the Tutoring and Learning Center, and more.