Practical Nursing (PN) Student Achievement Outcome Data

Graduates’ success on licensure. The programs’ most recent annual licensure examination pass rate for all first-time test-takers during the same 12-month period:

Academic Year National Average SFSC
2020-2021 79.33% 100%
2019-2020 83.08% 80%
2018-2019 85.63% 96.55%


Students’ completion of the nursing program. The percentage of SFSC Practical Nursing (PN) students who complete the program, within 150% of the program length:

Academic Year SFSC
2021 73%
2020 83%
2019 97%


Graduates’ obtaining a job. The percentage of SFSC Practical Nursing (PN) graduates who obtain a job within 9 months of graduation:

Academic Year SFSC
2018-2019 97%
2017-2018 90%
2016-2017 100%

*Note Data obtained from FETPIP Florida College System Vocational Programs Aggregated Outcome Data