Dental Hygiene Therapy (Cleaning)


Adult Hygiene Therapy (Class 0, I, and II)


Adult Hygiene Therapy (Class IIP)


Adult Hygiene Therapy (Class III and IV)


Child Hygiene Therapy





Full Mouth Series X-rays


Panoramic X-ray


Vertical Bitewing X-rays (4-7)


Bitewing X-ray (4)


Bitewing X-ray (2)


X-ray single film


Each additional x-ray


FMX or Pano duplicate film (non-SFSC x-ray)


Bitewing duplicate film (non-SFSC x-ray)


Digital X-rays

Same as traditional


Other Procedures


Sealants per tooth


Local Anesthesia (non-operative/non-surgical)


Night Guards and Bleaching Trays


Fissurotomy (when needed prior to sealant)

$7 per tooth