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General Principles

1030 Substantive Change

1050 Seating Access for the Mobility Impaired at Performances

1070 Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus and Workplace

1090 Faculty and Administrative Grievance Procedure

1091 Career Service and Supervisory/Technical Grievance Procedure

1092 Correcting the Actions of Career Service and Supervisory/Technical Employees

1093 Correcting the Actions of Faculty Personnel

1094 Final Paycheck – Terminated Employment

1095 Grievance Procedure: Discrimination

1100 Equal Opportunity

1101 Substitution Courses for Students with Disabilities

1102 Student Grievance Procedure

1103 Sexual Harassment of Students and/or Admissions Applicants

1140 Copyright Compliance

1160Materials Produced by College Employees

Organization and Governance

2040 Development and Adoption of Policies

2041 Development and Adoption of Administrative Procedure

2062 Salary Determination for Employees in Grant-Funded Positions

2063 Determining Career Service and Supervisory/Technical Employee Starting Salaries

2064 Reports Coordination

2065 Circulation by Library Services of Educational Materials

2066 Acquisition of Learning Resources Materials

2067 Use of College Multimedia Production Facilities

2068 Library Inventory

2069 Fraud Reporting Procedure

2070 Insurance on Newly Completed Construction Projects

2071 Safes and Vaults

2072 Lost and Found Property

2074 Responsibility for College Property and Property Records

2076 Use of College Vans

2080 Cash Disbursements

2090 Development of All Non-Classroom College Publications

2091 SFSC Catalog Changes

2092 Deletion of Courses from College Curriculum Inventory

2100 Release of Information to the Public

2110 Posted Advertisements

2120 Control of Solicitation and Information Gathering by Employees and Students While off Campus Representing the College

2150 College Record Retention and Disposal of College Records

2151 Employee Personnel Files

2152 Student Records

2154 Information Systems Security

2156 Inspection, Examination, and Duplication of College Records

2157 Personnel Files

2158 Information Security

2159 Identity Theft Prevention Program

2170 College Awards Programs

2180 College Committees

2201 Role of Faculty in Governance of the CollegeĀ 

Education and Student Services

Business and Fiscal Services

Human Resources

Planning and Institutional Advancement


Direct Support Organizations

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