General Principles

1.01 Introduction

1.02 Vision, Mission, and Institutional Core Values

1.03 Accreditation

1.04 Definitions

1.05 Compliance with Policies

1.06 Conflict of Interest

1.07 Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus and Workplace

1.08 Life-Threatening Illnesses

1.09 Grievance Procedures

1.10 Equal Opportunity

1.11 Flag Display

1.12 Political Activities of Employees

1.13 Political Activity on Campus

1.14 Copyright Law Compliance

1.15 Bonds for District Board Members, College Employees, and Contractors

1.16 Intellectual Property

1.17 Tobacco-Free College

1.18 Substance Abuse Testing


Organization – State Level

2.01 Organization – State Level

 Board of Trustees

2.02 South Florida State College District Board of Trustees

2.03 South Florida State College Governance Structure and Organization

2.04 Adoption of South Florida State College Policies and Procedures

2.05 Signing Authority

General Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the President

2.06 General Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the President

2.07 Property

2.08 Check and Electronic Funds Transfer Procedure

2.09 College Publications

2.10 Release of Information to the Public

2.11 Advertisements Posted on Bulletin Boards and Distribution of Signs, Handbills, and Advertising

2.12 Solicitations

2.13 Public Speakers and Invited Resource Personnel

2.14 Forms Manual

2.15 Safekeeping, Reproduction, and Destruction of Records

2.16 College Seal and Other Official College Symbols

2.17 College Awards Programs

2.18 College Committees

2.19 Complimentary Tickets for College-Sponsored Events

2.20 The Role of Faculty in Governance of the College

2.21 Free Expression

       2.22 Public Records

Education and Student Services

Curriculum and Instruction

3.01 Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression

3.02 Establishment of Instructional Programs

3.03 Evaluation of Instructional Programs

3.04 Length of Courses

Academic Standards

3.09 Course Policy Statement (Syllabus)

3.10 Academic Progress

3.11 Evaluation of Transfer and Accelerated Learning Credit

Student Enrollment

3.13 Dual Enrollment

3.14 Employee and Student Exchange Programs

3.15 Admission to Baccalaureate, Associate, Certificate, Diploma, or Special Courses/Programs

3.16 Admissions of Students

3.17 Student Performance Standards for the Award of the Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree

3.18 Placement Exam Requirements

 Student Assistance

3.22 Scholarship and Loans

3.23 Student Financial Aid and Fee Waivers

Student Extracurricular Activities

3.28 Student Activities

3.29 Student Publications

Student Rights and Responsibilities

3.33 Control and Discipline of Students

3.34 Solicitations by Students

3.35 Students Borrowing Equipment

3.36 Prohibition of Hazing

3.37 Religious Observances – Students

3.38 Intercollegiate Student-Athlete Compensation and Rights Development

Business and Fiscal Services

Business and Fiscal

4.01 College Insurance

4.02 Budget

4.03 Budget Amendments

4.04 Purchasing

4.06 Sponsored Research – Testing Projects

4.07 Salespersons/Company Representatives

4.08 Credit Cards

4.09 Cash Collection

4.10 Safe Deposit Boxes

4.11 Student Fees

4.12 Outstanding Debts

4.13 Refunds

4.14 Petty Cash and Change Funds

4.15 Investment of Surplus Funds

4.16 Receipt of Donated Property

4.18 Travel and Per Diem

4.19 Institutional Members in Professional Organizations

4.20 Inventory

4.21 Vehicle Assigned to President

4.22 Grants Administration

Auxiliary Services

4.24 Auxiliary Enterprises


Human Resources

5.01 Staff and Program Development

5.02 Employee Benefits

5.03 Clearance Process

5.04 Performance Review

5.05 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

5.06 Credentials

5.07 Employment Agreements

5.08 Reclassification of Positions

5.09 Probation

5.10 Criteria for Staff Reduction

5.11 Substitute Personnel

5.12 Employment of Relatives

5.13 Leaves of Absence

5.14 Salary Schedule and Compensation

5.15 Payroll Deductions

5.16 Holiday, Overtime Pay, Compensatory Time, Call-In Pay, and the Minimum Wage

5.17 Non-College Employment

5.18 Workers’ Compensation

5.19 Physical and Psychiatric Examinations

5.20 Professional Services

5.21 Responsibilities of Faculty, Professional, Career, and Administrative Staff

5.22 Work Schedules

5.23 Prohibited Discrimination

5.24 College Employees: Employment, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion, Suspension, and Dismissal

5.26 Employee Wellness Program


Planning and Institutional Advancement

 6.01 Electronics Access Use



7.01 Facilities Planning and Construction

7.02 Construction Change Orders and Final Payment

7.03 Safety and Traffic Control

7.04 Rental of Facilities

7.05 Use of Facilities

7.06 National Disasters and Civil Disorders

7.07 Standards of Sanitation, Housekeeping, and Maintenance

7.09 Search and Seizure

7.10 Commemorative Naming of College Facilities


Direct Support Organizations

8.01 Direct Support Organizations