3300 | Electrical Lineworker – CC

The Electrical Lineworker program prepares students to work in the power distribution industry. 

Through 1,500 contact hours of training, students gain an understanding of electrical systems, operations, and safety while mastering competencies in electrical distribution, basic electrical theory, and underground electrical construction operations. They learn how to maintain electric power systems and use electrical distribution equipment. 

The program provides practice in climbing, framing, building single and three-phase overhead lines, pole top and bucket rescue techniques, operating bucket trucks, and maintaining and repairing underground systems. 

Graduates can earn a Career Certificate and a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Upon completion, 20 credits can be applied to SFSC’s Associate in Applied Science degree in Industrial Management. 

Length: 1500 contact hours / 50 career credits


First Term
  ETP 0170 Pole Climbing, Ropes, and Rigging   45
  ETP 0170L Pole Climbing, Ropes, and Rigging Lab   90
  ETP 0171 Pole Line Equipment I   45
  ETP 0171L Pole Line Equipment I Lab   90
  ETP 0172 Pole Line Equipment II   45
  ETP 0172L Pole Line Equipment II Lab   90
  ETP 0173 Trucks and Excavation Equipment   45
  ETP 0173L Trucks and Excavation Equipment Lab   90
  ETP 0174 Electrical Distribution Structures   45
  ETP 0174L Electrical Distribution Structures Lab   90
  ETP 0175 Underground Distribution   45
  ETP 0175L Underground Distribution Lab   60
  ETP 0177 Installing Overhead Conductors   45
  ETP 0177L Installing Overhead Conductors Lab   90
  ETP 0178 Basic Electricity for Line Workers   45
  ETP 0178L Basic Electricity for Line Workers Lab   90
  ETP 0179 Safe Work Practices   45
  ETP 0179L Safe Work Practices Lab   90
  ETP 0949 Co-op Work Experience in Electrical Distribution   135
  TRA 0260 CDL for Electrical Line Service I   60
  TRA 0261 CDL for Electrical Line Service II   45
  TRA 0262 CDL for Electrical Line Service III   45
        Total: 1500

  Labs: With the approval of the program chair and course instructor and contingent upon meeting the program provisions, credit for labs/proficiencies may be earned on-the-job, given for experience, and/or ETP 0176L Electrical Distribution Lab.
  • The number of students enrolled in the PSAV program will determine whether additional courses for PSAV program students will be offered. It may be possible to complete the program in less than two years. Lab hours and internship/co-op hours may be used interchangeably.