Frequently Asked Questions

1,200 contact hours (11 months)

The class is scheduled on a “shift-friendly” basis. Due to the fact that most EMT-Basic jobs are scheduled to be 24 hours on-duty and 48 hours off-duty, this class is scheduled accordingly. The decision as to what shift the class will be scheduled is based on the majority of students enrolled. All class days are scheduled from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

The class times include laboratory hours, but clinical and field internship are scheduled outside of normal class hours.

It is a series of 10-12 hour shifts spent in the emergency department, intensive care unit, operating room, and obstetric units of local hospitals. During these shifts, you will perform assessments and skills learned in class and laboratory on patients in these areas. This portion of the training is under the direct supervision of a program preceptor (total 120 hours).

It is a series of 8-12 hour shifts in which you ride in an ambulance and function in the capacity of a paramedic under the direct supervision of a program preceptor (468 hours minimum).

It is possible to have a criminal history and be certified as a paramedic in the State of Florida. All paramedic students who complete the program must apply with the State of Florida’s Bureau of EMS to take the Florida Certification Exam. The phone number is 850-245-4440.

Driving is a very important aspect of the paramedic’s job, and prospective employers will view a poor driving record unfavorably.

Students should have the manual dexterity to be able to perform minute tasks with both hands and be able to lift and carry 100 pounds. You will be required to complete a physical examination signed by a physician, attesting that you are physically capable of performing the tasks of a paramedic. For further information regarding the “Functional Job Analysis” for paramedics, visit the “National Standard Curriculum/Functional Job Analysis.

Approximately $1,400 per semester, including books and uniform. The total cost is approximately $5,000.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 784-7254.