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Honors Course Offerings:

Division of Arts and Sciences

For courses offered in the current term, see the online SFSC Course Schedule. You can find Honors courses by looking at the Honors section of the schedule or by examining the titles of courses listed in each academic discipline. The word “Honors” in almost all cases will be the first word of the title. Not all Honors courses are offered in all terms. Honors courses are not currently offered in the summer terms.

I.English, Arts, and Humanities
 AML 2010Honors American Literature I
 AML 2020Honors American Literature II
 ART 2939Honors Special Topics in Art
 CRW 2001Honors Creative Writing
 ENC 1101Honors Freshman English I
 ENC 1102Honors Freshman English II
 ENL 2012Honors British Literature I
 ENL 2022Honors British Literature II
*IDH 1107“The Competitive Edge” (leadership course; offered spring term)
*IDH 2001-06Honors Seminar (variable topic and instructor; offered fall term)
 HUM 2210Honors Humanities Survey I
 HUM 2230Honors Humanities Survey II
 LIT 2110Honors World Literature I
 LIT 2120Honors World Literature
 PHI 2010Honors Introduction to Philosophy
II.Mathematics and the Sciences
 CHM 2210Honors Organic Chemistry I, with lab
 CHM 2211Honors Organic Chemistry II, with lab
 CHM 2932Honors Special Topics in Chemistry
 MAC 2311Honors Calculus I w/Analytic Geometry
 PHY 2048CHonors General Physics w/Calculus I (formerly Honors University Physics I), with lab
 PHY 2049CHonors General Physics w/Calculus II (formerly Honors University Physics II), with lab
 PHY 2936Honors Special Topics in Physics
III.Social and Behavioral Sciences
 CLP 2140Honors Abnormal Psychology
 CPO 2751Honors Comparative Political Organizations
 POS 1041Honors American National Government
*SPC 2410Honors Parliamentary Procedure
 SPC 2600Honors Oral Communications
*Satisfies Honors graduation requirement


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