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South Florida State College is the Heartland’s premier provider of continuing education and professional development. Find out what SFSC’s continuing education programs can do for you!

Business people, skilled trade workers, and service providers need to continue their education – not only to remain knowledgeable about advances in business-related technology but also to maintain their professional certifications in areas such as real estate, construction, health care, and cosmetology.

SFSC’s Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Department is the first choice for work-related education. Our ongoing workshops and seminars can help you sharpen your job skills or earn the continuing education units (CEUs) you need to maintain your professional license.

CCE classes are delivered in a variety of formats and with the flexibility to meet the educational needs of individual workers, small businesses, and large public and corporate enterprises. CCE training is available at SFSC locations. Courses can also be customized to meet the needs of any business, large or small, and delivered at the workplace. Contract training options allow businesses to lease SFSC facilities for their own training programs.

Continuing Education

  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction by learning new job related skills.
  • Short-term training courses (one-half to two days) upgrade skills in areas such as computer technology, service-related business skills, and agriculture.
  • License renewal classes train workers who are currently employed and required to maintain their professional licenses through continuing education.

Customized Training

  • CCE staff tailor continuing education programs to meet the needs of your specific business.
  • Classes are delivered at your work site or any SFSC location.
  • Training focuses on performance results that will help retain employees and improve morale.
  • Customized training clients include Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, Wal-Mart, and Progress Energy.

Contract Training

  • Outside agencies lease SFSC facilities, determine the curriculum for their programs, and provide instructors.
  • SFSC handles enrollment and record-keeping for the classes.
  • CCE contract training clients have included John Deere, Great Florida Fire School, and contractors’ recertification courses.

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