Foundation Director Terry Atchley
Terry Atchley

Hardee County
Vice President Patricia Manderville
Patricia Manderville

Vice President
Highlands County
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Hardee County
Robin Weeks
Robin Weeks
Hardee County

Nicole Barben


Dr. Sunaina Khurana

Judge Danielle Brewer


Kathleen MacNeill

Betty L. Carlisle
Betty L. Carlisle

 foundationdirector_Rebecca McIntyre

Becky McIntyre

Judge Angela J. Cowden

foundationdirector_Lana Puckorius

Lana Puckorius*

foundationdirector_Christy Crews
Christy Crews*


Rob Roberts

foundationdirector_Tami Cullens
Tami C. Cullens*


Nida Roquiz


Robert Duncan

 John Shoop

John Shoop

foundationdirector_Don Elwell
Don Elwell

foundationdirector_Stephenson Tres

Tres Stephenson


Judge Peter F. Estrada


Randy Surber


Senator Denise Grimsley


Tim Texley

 foundationdirector_Hartt, Joan

Joan Hartt


 Dr. Vinod C. Thakkar

 William R. Jarrett Jr.

William R. Jarrett Jr.*


Dr. David E. Willey*


SFSC President

foundationdirector_Dr. Leitzel (head shot)
Dr. Thomas C. Leitzel


SFSC Presidents Emeriti

foundationdirector_Cornelius Dr  Catherine P
Dr. Catherine P. Cornelius
foundationdirector_Dr. Norman L. Stephens Jr., SFSC, 280 dpi
Dr. Norman L. Stephens Jr.

Executive Director

Jamie Bateman

Resource Development Specialist
Deanne B. Shanklin

Assistant Treasurer
Melissa Lee

*Past Presidents of the Board of Directors