Radiography Degree Map

Prefix Number Course Title Credit Hours
Fall Term    
*HSC 1230C Methods of Patient Care 3
*MCB 2010C Microbiology (G.E.) 4
*RTE 1418C Principles of Radiography I 2
*RTE 1503C Radiographic Procedures I 4
Spring Term    
*BSC 1086C Human Anatomy and Physiology II (G.E.) 4
*RTE 1458 Principles of Radiography II 2
*RTE 1513C Radiographic Procedures II 4
*RTE 1814L Radiography Clinical Education I 2
 Summer Term    





 American Government or Intro to Survey Since 1877 (G.E.) 3 
 *RTE  1523C  Radiographic Procedures III
 *RTE  1824L  Radiography Clinical Education II  2
 *RTE  2563  Principles of Radiography III  3
 Fall Term    
 PSY  2012  Introduction to Psychology  (G.E.) 3
 *RTE  2609C  Principles of Radiography IV  2
 *RTE  2763  Introduction to Sectional Anatomy and Computed Tomography  4
 *RTE  2834L  Radiography Clinical Education III  3
 Spring Term     
 *RTE  2385  Radiation Biology and Protection 
 *RTE  2782  Radiographic Pathology  3
 *RTE  2844L  Radiography Clinical Education IV  3
 **    Humanities Core  (G.E.) 3
 Summer Term    
 *RTE  2061  Radiographic Seminar  3
 *RTE  2854L  Radiography Clinical Education V  3
     Total Credit Hours  67

* Check the course descriptions for prerequisites. ** It is your responsibility to meet with an instructional supervisor or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.

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