Radiography Selection Criteria

Successfully completed program prerequisite courses (Minimum grade of ‘C’ in each course and minimum overall cumulative program prerequisite of 2.75)
Item Points Earned

MAC 1105 – College Algebra (3 credit hours) or equivalent (3 credit hours)

A = 12 pts.
B = 9 pts. 
C = 6 pts. 


BSC 1085C – Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 credit hours)

A = 16 pts.
B = 12 pts. 
C = 8 pts. 


ENC 1101 – Freshman English (3 credit hours) 

A = 12 pts.
B = 9 pts. 
C = 6 pts. 

Total Points Earned = /40
GPA to be Considered for Admission

Total points earned divided by 10 (total credit hours)
Example: Earned 30/40 points – 30 divided by 10 = 3.00 GPA


Acceptance to the Radiography program is competitive. The higher your GPA in the three prerequisite courses, the better the chance of being selected for the program:

  1. A 2.75 GPA or higher must have been maintained in the 10 credit hours of prerequisites
  2. Selection of the 12 students will be based upon those with the highest GPA in the three prerequisites

In the event there are two or more applicants with identical GPAs, the following will be used as a tiebreaker (if you have the highest combined GPA, including completed general education courses, you will be selected):

Prefix Number Course Title Credit Hours
BSC 1086C   Anatomy and Physiology II     (G.E.) 4
AMH 1020 American Govt. or Intro to Survey Since 1877 (G.E.) 3
MCB 2010C Microbiology      (G.E.) 4
PSY 2012  Introduction to Psychology      (G.E.) 3
  Humanities Core (G.E.) 3