1/26Eastern Florida State CollegeMelbourne6-2 (W)
1/27Pensacola State CollegeClearwater7-2 (W)
1/29Webber International UniversityBabson Park5-4 (L)
1/31Lake Sumter State CollegePanther Field5-4 (W)
2/2College of Central FloridaOcala12-7 (L)
2/3Santa Fe CollegeGainesville4-2 (L), 6-5 (L)
2/4Lake Sumter State CollegeLeesburg8-4 (W)
2/7Webber International UniversityPanther Field11-7 (W)
2/9College of Central FloridaPanther Field20-6 (L)
2/10Santa Fe CollegePanther Field6-2 (L) 7-4 (W)
2/12Seminole State CollegePanther Field7-6 (W)
2/14Seminole State CollegeSanford6-3 (W)
2/16Miami-Dade CollegePanther Field6-3 (W)
2/17Indian River State CollegeFt. Pierce7-6 (L)
2/19Indian River State CollegePanther Field8-2 (L)
2/21Daytona State CollegeDaytona Beach7-6 (L)
2/22Warner UniversityPanther Field7-3 (W)
2/23Pasco-Hernando State CollegePanther Field10-5 (L)
2/26Southeastern UniversityLakeland12-3 (W)
2/28Daytona State CollegePanther Field17-10 (W)
3/2Kalamazoo Community CollegePanther Field12-8 (W)
3/4Lincoln Land Community CollegePanther Field10-9 (L)
3/5Hillsborough Community CollegeTampa13-9 (L)
3/7Hillsborough Community CollegePanther Field5-3 (W)
3/9Hillsborough Community CollegeTampa6-5 (L)
3/10Florida Southwestern CollegePanther Field4-0 (W)
3/12Florida Southwestern CollegeFt. Myers2-1 (L)
3/14Florida Southwestern CollegePanther Field6-3 (W)
3/16State College of FloridaBradenton7-2 (L)
3/17State College of FloridaPanther Field15-4 (L)
3/19State College of FloridaBradenton6-2 (L)
3/21Polk State CollegePanther Field12-11 (W)
3/23Polk State CollegeWinter Haven5-3 (W)
3/24Polk State CollegePanther Field7-5 (L)
3/26St. Petersburg CollegePanther Field6-3 (W)
3/28St. Petersburg CollegeClearwater9-6 (W)
3/31St. Petersburg CollegePanther Field12-1 (W)
4/4Southeastern UniversityPanther Field14-2 (W)
4/7Hillsborough Community CollegePanther Field16-4 (L)
4/9Hillsborough Community CollegeTampa3:00 PM
4/11Hillsborough Community CollegePanther Field5-1 (L)
4/13Florida Southwestern CollegeFt. Myers7-3 (L)
4/14Florida Southwestern CollegePanther Field2-1 (W)
4/16Florida Southwestern CollegeFt. Myers2-1 (W)
4/18State College of FloridaPanther Field21-6 (L)
4/20State College of FloridaBradenton8-2 (W)
4/21State College of FloridaPanther Field18-5 (L)
4/23Polk State CollegeWinter Haven10-0 (L)
4/25Polk State CollegePanther Field8-5 (L)
4/27Polk State CollegeWinter Haven6-2 (W)
4/28St. Petersburg CollegeClearwater7-3 (W)
4/30St. Petersburg CollegePanther Field9-7 (L)
5/2St. Petersburg CollegeClearwater4-4 (T)
5/11FCSAA State TournamentLakelandTBA