Frequently Asked Questions

What is Panther Youth Partners (PYP)?

Panther Youth Partners is a federally funded workforce program that offers services to help participants gain skill to obtain employment. The services include academic support, financial aid and financial literacy advising, career development assistance, personal, academic and career counseling, job shadowing, and employability skills workshops.

Who is eligible for PYP?

To be eligible for PYP, an individual must meet federal and CareerSource Heartland guidelines. An individual must:

Why should I become a participant?

From the beginning of your enrollment into PYP until completion, you will be provided guidance and support. The program can help you build on your strengths and address your areas of concern. Students in PYP have the opportunity to earn a stipend (money) each week based on meeting performance goals developed at enrollment. PYP can also help with testing fees, books, tuition, and class supplies.

Do I get money just for attending classes or school?

No, PYP prepares youth for the workforce which includes the importance of punctuality, attendance, trustworthiness, taking initiative, effective work habits, etc. The stipend is based on a numerous measures such as: class attendance, teacher feedback, grades, and work readiness activities.

If I join, what am I required to do?

It is expected that you will be committed to earning your high school diploma, GED or occupational certificate, and that you will take advantage of the services that will meet your goals. Additionally, PYP participants are required to work with their PYP program specialist on a regular basis to reach agreed upon goals.

What do I need to do to enroll?

You need to meet with a PYP program specialist to discuss your career goals.