Highlands Campus Library

How does an SFSC student or employee get a library card?


For SFSC students and employees, the college photo ID card serves as a library card. Obtain your ID card in the Building B Wel-come Center or in the front office of the DeSoto or Hardee Campus or the Lake Placid Center.

Students in SFSC/high school dual-enrollment, SFSC Career Academy, and SFSC Adult Education (ABE, ESOL, GED preparation) should bring a photo ID (high school ID’s are accepted for dual-enrolled and Career Academy students) to the Highlands Campus library circulation desk or the front office in DeSoto, Hardee, and Lake Placid Center in order to use library computers or check out library materials.

How does a community member get an SFSC Library card?


A community member, age 16 or older, may borrow from SFSC libraries. We have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Heartland Library Cooperative (HLC); HLC cardholders may present their HLC cards and a photo ID to our circulation desk to have SFSC borrower accounts established at no charge.

A community member with no HLC card may purchase an SFSC Library card at the Highlands Campus cashier’s office or in the front office of the DeSoto or Hardee Campus or the Lake Placid Center. The card fee is $5 for five years. On the Highlands Cam-pus, bring payment receipt to the Library circulation desk to pick up your card. A library card is required for borrowing materials from any SFSC library and for using computers in the Highlands Campus Library.

We issue free library cards to high school juniors and seniors who are not dual-enrolled, 16 and older. Pick up a card applica-tion at he Library circulation desk; return the application with a parent’s or guardian’s signature.

You are responsible for anything checked out on your library card. If you lose your card, contact us immediately so we can halt the card’s use.

What are my Borrower ID and PIN?

  Your Borrower ID is your GID, also known as the X number. Your GID can be found on your student ID or obtained through the Office of the Registrar. Please enter the X and the eight following digits.
If you are a community patron who has purchased a library card or use a Heartland Library Cooperative card, you may log in using the barcode printed on your SFSC library card or your HLC card; however, you will not be able to access databases or e-books. Please visit the library in person for access to these resources.

Your personal identification number (PIN) is the last four digits of your GID/X number or library card number. If you want to change your PIN, call the circulation desk at the Highlands Campus or the front office in DeSoto, Hardee, or Lake Placid.

May I check out DVDs or videotapes?

  Yes. Most audio-visual materials are allowed to circulate for seven days. You may check out two audio-visual items at a time.

Can I get into my Library account to see what I have out, renew books, etc.?

  Yes. A link to the My Account login page is in the center of the library home page on the SFSC website. Click the My Account tab.

You can also get into My Account while you are searching the Library catalog:

  • From any catalog page, click Log In.
  • Enter your library card number and library PIN; click Log on.
  • Click My Account on the upper left of the next page. 

Are there computers for my use in the Libraries?

  Computers are available in the Highlands, DeSoto, and Hardee campus libraries, and in a computer lab adjoining the Lake Placid Center library. The Highlands Campus library computers may be used by students, staff, and community library patrons. At the other campuses/center, the computers in the libraries are for students only. Each campus/center has two computers set up in the lobby for community use.