Tutoring Info

The BrightSpace drop-down menu showing links to Tutor.com and SFSC TutoringA “Tutoring” link appears on the course navbar in Brightspace. From the drop-down menu, students can access Tutor.com and SFSC Tutoring.

Tutor.com is currently available year-round in the fall, spring, and summer and provides tutoring on a variety of subjects. Tutor.com offers two hours of free tutoring per term; if you have questions about Tutor.com or to request additional free hours, contact Brightspace Support at 863-784-7017 or BrightspaceSupport@southflorida.edu.

Schedule SFSC Tutoring—also known as the Math, Science, and Writing Labs—appointments by accessing the link shown above. SFSC Tutoring is available to all SFSC students, there is no limit to the number of tutoring requests, and tutors’ schedules are usually available two or more weeks in advance.

SFSC Math, Science, and Writing tutoring are available in the fall and spring. In addition, math and science tutoring are available all summer, and writing tutoring is available during the Summer Flex A term.

The Math Lab is located in Y-103 on the first floor of Building Y (the Library) and offers appointments via Zoom and in-lab. Phone: 863-784-7369

The Writing Lab is located in Y-105 on the first floor of Building Y and offers appointments via Zoom, email, and in-lab. Phone: 863-784-7423

The Science Lab is located in HSEC-212 and offers appointments via Zoom and in-lab. Phone: 863-784-5624

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