Campus Traffic Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations pertain to all persons driving vehicles on any campus of South Florida State College (SFSC):

ALL MOTORIZED VEHICLES TO BE PARKED ON CAMPUS SHOULD BE REGISTERED WITH SFSC IMMEDIATELY. Parking permits are free of charge and are available from the Cashier’s Office upon completion of a vehicle registration form. Registering your vehicle and affixing a decal will help SFSC to assist you in the event of an emergency and provide a safer campus environment.

All parking permit decals MUST be applied to the vehicle in a manner that they are clearly visible from the rear by Security. Some parking spaces are reserved for specific purposes: visitors, disabled, loading or fire zone, Cosmetology Program patrons, trustees, faculty/staff, etc. Spaces not numbered or otherwise designated are available for general use parking by students, visitors, and employees.

NOTE: Failure to remove the decal and notify the Cashier’s Office upon transfer of vehicle ownership will place the original owner in jeopardy for subsequent SFSC violations of the registered vehicle.

Parking / Driving Violations

Campus speed limit is 15 mph, unless otherwise posted, roadways and parking lots are subject to state, county, and/or city rules and law enforcement jurisdiction.

Individuals will be held responsible and tickets will be issued for the following parking violations:

  1. Parking over the parking space’s restraining line
  2. Parking outside of designated area
  3. Parking which obstructs traffic
  4. Not completely pulling into a parking space
  5. Parking in an area where no parking spaces are provided
  6. Parking backward in a parking space
  7. Parking off the pavement on any grass area
  8. Parking vehicle where it exits against the flow of traffic
  9. Parking in designated reserved spaces without authorization
  10. Parking illegally in a space marked for disabled parking only

All SFSC parking fines collected are deposited in the student scholarship fund.

Fines for Parking Violations
Occurrence Fine
First Violation $10
Second Violation $25
Each Additional Violation $35
Parking in Disabled Space without Permit  $50