Reporting Emergencies and Criminal Activity

South Florida State College has developed a set of guidelines for reporting emergencies and criminal activities. It is important to note that each emergency situation or criminal activity has different circumstances requiring different actions. Each action should afford the safety and security of victims and other participants. Reporting guidelines are published in the Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, Adjunct Faculty Handbook, and Employee Safety Manual.

Criminal actions and emergencies should be reported as they occur to the Security Department or campus/center director. This allows security to respond as soon as possible. In addition to completing an internal Incident Report, the security officer/director will contact the appropriate law enforcement agency, if necessary, to ensure an appropriate response. Any violations, infractions, or potentially hazardous situation should be reported immediately to Security. Evidence should be preserved for use in possible criminal prosecution. In the event of a crisis, immediate danger, injury, or criminal activity, the victim/witness is advised to first call the local police, fire, or emergency service. Below is the contact information for agencies in each area.

Highlands Campus
Campus Security 863-453-0806 (24/7/365) OR press the button on security call boxes located in the parking areas
Fire / Rescue / Ambulance 9-1-1
DeSoto Campus  
Campus Director Ext. 7040 or 863-993-1757
Fire / Rescue / Ambulance 9-1-1
Hardee Campus  
Campus Director Ext. 7060 or 863-773-3081
Fire / Rescue / Ambulance 9-1-1
Lake Placid Center  
Campus Director Ext. 7080 or 863-453-3003
Fire / Rescue / Ambulance 9-1-1
Jacaranda Hotel and Crews Center
Fire / Rescue / Ambulance 9-1-1