Sexual Misconduct

The college is committed to providing an environment which is free from all forms of sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, public indecency, voyeurism, battery, or assault. Anyone accused of such charges may be subject to dismissal from the college. Victims must contact the college EA/EO coordinators at (863) 784-7107, and they will be provided assistance and support. Please consult the student or appropriate employee handbook for the entire policy and the procedures to follow in the event of an act of sexual misconduct.

Sexual Predators

Information regarding sexual predators or offenders attending or employed by an institution of higher learning may be obtained from the local law enforcement agency or the Department of Corrections. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has established a hotline (1-888-FL-PREDATOR) or (1-888-357-7332) that allows the public to request information about sexual predators and sex offenders living in their communities and around the state. Requests may be made between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. You may also visit the FDLE Web site at for sexual predator photographs and the 2002 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act.