Lifetime Learners Institute

Who We Are

The Lifetime Learners Institute is sponsored by South Florida State College. It provides non-credit educational, short-term sessions that foster the exchange of ideas and experiences in a collegiate setting.

The LLI Spring season begins January and ends in March.  Recently we’ve added an LLI Fall season which begins in October and ends in December.  Offering both seasons allows for our year round and much-welcomed snow friends an opportunity to attend. Sessions are held every Thursday with at least one field trip per month. Field trips provide a relaxed environment for adults to develop new interests and enjoy opportunities for personal growth and social interaction with like-minded people. 

LLI is governed by a committee of peers that ensure the season’s schedule provides intellectually enriched sessions and cultural explorations. Our presenters volunteer from our membership, the community, and South Florida State College faculty and retirees.

2024 Sessions and Registration Packet

Lifetime Learners Spring Schedule and Registration Packet