Panther Youth Partners

Panther Youth Partners program provides youth with services that will develop and strengthen employability skills, talents, and interests. It is our desire for youth to gain valuable information that they can draw upon, when seeking employment or when deciding upon a career change, throughout their life. Visit the Panther Youth Partners Facebook page.


  • Youth between ages 16 – 24 living in DeSoto, Hardee, Okeechobee, or Highlands County.
  • High School Drop Out seeking to earn a GED
  • Students completing GED and interested in taking classes to earn an occupational certification leading to a high demand, high wage career
  • Economically disadvantaged (contact us for further information to see if you qualify)


  • Financial assistance (amount is based on program goals developed at enrollment)
  • Mentoring
  • Advising and counseling
  • Career development assistance
  • Employability skills training



Mike Davis 863-784-7054
Program Coordinator, SFSC Highlands Campus

Zory Figueroa 863-784-7155
Quality Assurance and Compliance Specialist

Edwin Cuencas 863-784-7161
Program Specialist, Highlands County

 Antonio James 863-784-7311 
Program Specialist, Highlands County

Alexandra Navarrete  863-824-6032
Program Specialist, Okeechobee County

 Vickie Penley  863-784-7065
 Program Specialist, DeSoto County   

Isaac Maldonado 863-784-7068
Program Specialist, Hardee County