Different Methods of Instruction Available to SFSC Students

This fall, we are prepared to offer a variety of courses that fit your needs. If you are wondering what course method is best for you, take a look at the options below:



What does it mean?


Traditional Face-to-Face (C)

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Traditional Face-to-Face courses meet on campus in a classroom with safety guidelines in place. In some courses, this means smaller class sizes, social distancing, and facial coverings, and in others, like the lineworker program, the class will meet outdoors with social distancing. Your schedule will have Face to Face in the Schedule Type column. 

Online (VC)


Online courses require students to log into Brightspace and use the platform to discover assignments, submit work, and participate in discussions by the deadlines set forth by the instructor. Your schedule will say TBA in the Time column to signify that there is no assigned time for the class. It will also have Web/Internet in the Schedule Type column. 

Live Online/Synchronous (VC)


Live Online or Synchronous courses take place online using a platform like Zoom where the student is required to log in at a certain class time. The instructor will give live lectures online and request virtual participation from students. Your schedule will have a time listed in the Time column to signify that you are expected to log in at that time and remain logged in for the entire class period. It will also have Zoom in the Building column. 

Hybrid (HB)


Hybrid courses have a mix of face-to-face instruction and online instruction. The instructor will explain what the schedule is and what is expected of students. Your schedule will list more than one class under Scheduled Meeting Times. It will have two or more of the following modalities in the Schedule Type column: Web/Internet, Web/Internet Zoom, and Face to Face.