Administrative Office Specialist

The administrative office specialist certificate prepares you for an office occupation such as typist, payroll clerk, accounts payable/accounts receivable clerk, word processor, receptionist, file clerk, general office clerk, secretary, and administrative assistant. Course content includes, but is not limited to, accounting (elective), payroll, business English, business communications, keyboarding, introduction to business trends, office equipment, transcription, fundamental basic office procedures, introduction to computers, work relations, and interpersonal skills. If you receive your administrative assistant occupational certificate, you may receive some credits toward a College Credit Certificate (Office Management, #3050). Consult your instructor.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating

The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology program prepares the student for employment as a technician or repair person of home and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Course content includes the fundamentals of refrigeration, basic electricity, and heating systems.

Allied Health

The Allied Health track is a three-year program. Students entering in the 10th grade have the opportunity to graduate from high school with an occupational certificate in medical assisting. If a student enters the Medical Assisting Program in the 11th or 12th grade, they will be able to return after graduation with preferential seating to complete the program.

Students in the Medical Assisting Program will study medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical procedures, phlebotomy, EKG technology, and medical office administration.

Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistants ( AAMA) exam which leads to a nationally recognized credential of certified medical assistant (CMA).

As a certified medical assistant, opportunities include employment in hospitals and outpatient facilities, and in physician, chiropractic, podiatrist, and optometrist offices.

Automotive Collision Repair

The Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing program prepares the student for employment in the auto collision repair and refinishing industry as a repair technician or an auto collision painter. Course content includes fundamentals of auto body repair, basic sheet metal repair, painting techniques, science of unibody repair, and panel repair and replacement.

Automotive Service Technology

The Automotive Service Technology program prepares the student to enter the automotive service industry as a technician. Course content includes brake systems, steering, suspension, manual and automatic transmissions, automotive heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, and engine repair.

Computer Systems and Information Technology

The purpose of this program is to prepare you for employment or advanced training in a variety of occupations in the information technology industry. Program focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the information technology industry; technical and product skills, underlying principles of technology , planning, management, finance, labor issues, community issues and health, safety, and environmental issues. The course content includes, but is not limited to communication, leadership skills, human relations and employability skills; and safe, efficient work practices.

Food Management, Production, and Services (Culinary)

The Food Management, Production, and Services program prepares the student for employment as a kitchen manager and operations cook. The program also provides supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation. Course content includes kitchen organization, sanitation, and planning for production; quantity food preparation with emphasis on timing, quality, efficiency, and cost controls; detailed studies in raw materials, recipes, menu planning, and the use of institutional equipment; and banquet presentation, catering, and other specialty preparations. Lab experience is an integral portion of this program. This includes instruction use of utensils, equipment, food and procedures required to prepare meals at The Hotel Jacaranda.

Medical Administrative Specialist

The medical administrative specialist certificate prepares you for employment as an administrative medical office assistant, medical records clerk, or receptionist in a medical office, hospital, clinic, or other community health agency. Course content includes basic and advanced medical office procedures, medical terminology, computerized billing/insurance claim processing, introduction to medical coding, business communication, office skills training, keyboarding, filing, handling the telephone, word processing, medical document transcribing, and calculating. Emphasis is placed on employability skills to include resume writing and interview preparation. You will also have an opportunity to extern in a medical office setting.

Applied Cybersecurity – Career Certificate (CC)

The applied cybersecurity program occupational certificate program teaches you the fundamental skills to work as a cybersecurity technician. You’ll take specialized courses in information security, network security planning and analysis, hardware, software, and web security. Cyber-criminals can shut down websites, release malware and viruses that damage computers, use phishing schemes to collect personal information to use for identity theft, and steal confidential information about companies and their customers. Cybersecurity professionals are instrumental in developing innovative solutions that stop these criminals in their tracks. They find employment in any industry that uses computer networks to operate or has a strong online presence, including government institutions, banking, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, insurance and retail and hospitality.