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3550 | Phlebotomy – OC

Phlebotomists are skilled in collecting blood samples for diagnostic purposes. They are employed in physicians’ offices, blood banks, laboratories, and clinical facilities.

This brief occupational certificate program prepares students to work as phlebotomists. Students acquire skills in communication, leadership, human relations, and employment; learn techniques for collecting blood specimens by capillary or venipuncture on adults, children and infants; learn how to attend to the comfort and well-being of the patient while performing blood collecting duties; and observe safety policies and procedures both in the classroom and clinical settings.

SFSC’s Phlebotomy course is offered in response to community need and not at consistent times of the year. Typically, the course is offered once during the fall term and once during the spring term, meeting on Saturdays and some evenings. It covers:

Basic Concepts of Phlebotomy82 contact hours
CPR for Healthcare Providers8 contact hours
Phlebotomy Practicum75 contact hours

Admission Requirements to the Phlebotomy Program

Applications are accepted Aug. 3-31, 2015 for the October 2015 class and Nov. 16-30, 2015 for the February 2016 class.

checkboxMust be at least 18 years old.
checkboxMust score a 9 or above on all three sections of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Schedule your test through the Testing Center.
checkboxComplete an Application for Admission to South Florida State College.

Application Process to the Phlebotomy Program

Students must complete and submit these forms to the Health Science Staff Assistant, located in the Health and Science Education Center, Room 133.
checkboxObtain a signed Health Sciences Advising Referral Form: Phlebotomy – 3550 from your academic advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center.
checkbox Complete an Application to Phlebotomy Program.

After Acceptance into the Phlebotomy Program

Applicants are notified by email of their acceptance into the program. You must complete these requirements before you can register for classes.

checkboxComplete a Level 2 Fingerprinting Background Check. Your appointment time will be noted in your acceptance email.
checkboxComplete the Phlebotomy Health Forms package.
checkboxSign the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices form.
checkboxSubmit all documents to the Health Sciences staff assistant. You will receive a referral form, which you take to the Advising and Counseling Center and register for classes.

Approximate Costs

College admission/graduation fee$30.00
Tuition (FL Resident)$482.00
(subject to change)
Lab Fees$200.00
Insurance Fees$25.00
Uniforms (included in lab fees)N/A
10 Panel Drug Screen$40.00
Health RequirementsCost varies by provider


165 contact hours / 5.5 occupational credits


Advising and Counseling

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