Health Sciences


Your Pathway to Become a Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, or Biomedical Scientist

A Doctor is a specially trained and licensed medical professional, and their job is to make a diagnosis and then decide on treatment which could include surgery. There are many different types of doctors, like physicians (human health), dentists (oral health), optometrists (eye health), pharmacists (medication), and veterinarians (animal health).

Doctors are vital medical professionals and:

  • practice medicine
  • examine patients
  • review medical history
  • diagnose illnesses or injuries
  • administer treatment
  • counsel patients on their health and well being

A Physician’s Assistant obtains performs physical examinations, diagnoses illness and develops treatment. 

Physician’s Assistants are essential for healthcare and:

  • order and interpret lab tests
  • counsel patients on preventative measures
  • perform various medical procedures
  • assist in surgical operations
  • write prescriptions

A Biomedical Scientist investigates and diagnoses patient illnesses and works in a lab. These individuals can specialize in such areas as infection sciences, blood sciences, cell sciences, or genetics and molecular pathology.

Biomedical Scientists are essential for healthcare and:

  • conduct laboratory and scientific tests 
  • evaluate the effectiveness of treatments

SFSC’s Associate in Arts with a Pre-Professional major:

Plan your future by following the Pre-Professional Program Map.

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