Career Exploration and Career Development Services

Making decisions about your life’s work- whether you are choosing a first career or exploring a career change- can be a difficult, confusing task. But, this is not a challenge that you need to face alone! SFSC’s Career Development Center can help you get started by providing you with assistance to help you identify, evaluate, and implement career plans.

Six key steps in the career development process are:

  1. Self-Assessment: Identify your knowledge, interests, skills, and workplace values. List your strengths and weaknesses. Think about the factors that will impact your satisfaction with your career and your life.
  2. Explore Your Options: Investigate careers that match your knowledge, interests, skills, and values. Learn about the job outlook, work characteristics, and advantages and disadvantages of careers. Gain first-hand experience in the workplace with careers of interest through job shadowing, volunteering, informational interviews, internships, or cooperative learning (co-op) experiences.
  3. Make Decisions: Select a career direction, then determine the steps needed to achieve your goal. Develop a plan to reach your goal. Identify the education and training you need to complete, and find places to obtain it. Learn more about decision-making styles and goal setting.
  4. Prepare for Your Job Search: Create a cover letter, resume, or portfolio and prepare for interviews. Learn strategies for effective job hunting.
  5. Search for Jobs: Explore local, statewide, and national job sites to identify job openings of interest. Educate yourself about job search strategies, salary negotiations, and relocation.
  6. Manage Your Career: Discover the secrets to long term on-the-job happiness and career satisfaction.

 The Career Development Center offers tools and services  to help you at each step in the process!

 Complete the Kuder Journey Computerized Career Self-Assessment

  • Three brief, confidential computer-based assessments help you identify your work-related interests, the skills you are confident you could develop, and your most important workplace values by answering a series of questions in a computer-based program.
  • Your answers will lead you to a list of potential careers for further exploration, and access to an extensive database of career information.
  • Research those suggested careers to learn about:
    • Duties and responsibilities
    • Working conditions and work settings
    • Required qualifications and training
    • Opportunities for advancement
    • Job outlook and earnings- locally and nationally 

             …and more! 

Make an appointment at the Career Development Center for a  free lifetime subscription to Kuder Journey, instructions for completing the assessments, and confidential review of your results.

Explore Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) – a Great Resource for Florida High School Students Transitioning to College.

At this free site visit Florida schools online, access career planning resources, apply for admission and financial aid, review academic transcripts, search degree programs, and read college catalogs at this free site. You will find Florida Virtual Campus at:

Research Careers of Interest 

Occupational Information Network (O*NET): At this site you will find the nation’s primary source of occupational information, containing information on hundreds of interesting careers. Available online in English and Spanish. Access O*Net at

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH):  Available online in English and Spanish, the OOH provides details about the characteristics of an occupation of interest, the training and education needed, and the national job outlook.  OOH is located at

Identify Career Possibilities Related to Specific College Majors

At the My Plan website you can answer the question “what can I do with a major in …?” and learn about careers that requires a college major in a wide range of options. In addition, the interesting Salary Calculator tool on this site provides insight into salary ranges and employment in different areas of Florida- and other states.  Visit My Plan at

Private Career Counseling

Make an appointment to talk with an SFSC career counselor about your career ambitions and to discuss options and possible directions. Work with the counselor one-on-one to connect the results of your career assessments to potential career options, to explore advantages and disadvantages of those options for you, and to learn more about how your SFSC education can help you achieve your career goal. Both day and evening appointments are available for individuals and family groups.

Explore Careers Via Experiential Learning

Observe career professionals working in your field(s) of interest by volunteering, or by participating in an internship or cooperative learning (Co-Op) activity. The Career Development Center can help you locate a suitable placement for that experience. If you sign up for a Co-Op course, you have the added advantage of also earning college credit! More information is available on our Learn Through Experience page.

Prepare for College Transfer or for an Advanced Degree

If you are an SFSC student who will be graduating soon, or who has recently graduated, the Career Development Center can help you move on to the next phase of your career. If you are ready to enter the workforce now, visit us for assistance with development of your resume, cover letter and/or portfolio and to locate and apply for job openings.  If you are applying to another college or university to continue your studies let us help you find information about colleges that offer your program of interest, assist you with your online application, and help you create your personal statement essay. And, don’t forget about the advanced degree options available at the Highlands Campus including new bachelor’s degrees in supervision and management, nursing and elementary education and through our partner colleges and universities at the SFSC University Center. 

Get started today by contacting the Career Development Center! 

·         Call 863-784-7410 to schedule an appointment,

·         Email us at, or

·         Visit our office at the Highlands Campus (Building B, Room 111). 

 Most services are available to students and to the general public. All services are free.