Welcome to new student orientation at SFSC!

All new students and students returning to SFSC after an absence of two years or more are required to participate in our mandatory college orientation program. Orientation is part of SFSC’s Guide to Personal Success (GPS), a college-wide quality initiative designed to help you make a successful transition to the college experience at SFSC. (Find instructions for Dual Enrollment students online or call 863-784-7192.)

GPS New Student Orientation consists of six informational “waypoints” (reference points) to help you navigate your first year. 

You must complete all six waypoints of the GPS Orientation, which are presented in two parts: 

  • Waypoint 1: An overview of SFSC programs and services that includes information about the college admission process, financial aid options, and college services. Waypoint 1 is completed online. 
  • You will receive an email from SFSC inviting you to complete Waypoint 1. Complete this step as soon as possible after receiving that notice. (Including the information form and brief quiz at the end of the program)
  • Waypoints 2 -6: An on-campus 3 ½ hour face-to-face program that features informational workshops, hands-on computer training for Panther Central and D2L program service presentations, and more.
  • After successful completion of Waypoint 1, along with submission of your completed SFSC application, payment of your application fee, and receipt of other documents required by the Office of Admissions you will receive your invitation to come to campus for the second part of orientation (Waypoints 2-6). Your invitation will arrive by email with a link to the Self Service Center. You must sign into the Self Service Center, select an Event, then Register for your desired session. There are several dates to choose from and orientations are offered during the day and evening hours, and at all SFSC campuses.

Orientation must be fully completed before you are allowed to register for courses.

Some programs have specialized GPS orientation programs.  Some examples are Public Safety Academy (Basic Law Enforcement, Corrections), short-term vocational programs, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)/truck driving, and our bachelor’s degree programs (business, nursing, elementary education).  If you are entering one of these programs, discuss your orientation requirements with your program director or contact the GPS orientation specialist in the Career Development Center.

A fully online orientation option is also available only to students with extraordinary or special circumstance that limit their ability to attend an on-campus Waypoint 2-6 orientation.  Students who believe that they qualify for an exception should contact the director of the Career Development Center.

For more information about the GPS New Student Orientation, call the Career Development Center at 784-7412 or email The Career Development Center is at the Highlands Campus, Building B, Room 111.